Do I need to work with a lawyer in order to pursue a workers’ compensation claim?

Minneapolis workers’ compensation attorney, Dean Salita, discusses the advantages of working with an experienced lawyer when filing workers’ compensation claims.

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You’ll find I’m an honest lawyer. You don’t need to work with a lawyer on a Workers’ Compensation claim. Some claims are admitted where it gets turned in properly, the insurance company gets the information from the employer, it gets picked up, and things run smoothly. But the system is very complicated, and sometimes even though the insurance company can be friendly or the adjuster can be friendly, they’re still – their bottom line is to watch out for their dollars. So it’s always important to call and ask a lawyer if you have a questions and talk to them about the benefits I’ve discussed previously because there may be some things you’re being shorted on or you don’t understand. Or it’s like a chess game. One thing leads to the next. So it’s always important to talk to a lawyer, and they’ll advise you as to whether they think you need representation or not.