Dean Salita talks about Douglas Schmidt

Minneapolis workers’ compensation attorney, Dean Salita, talks about his law partner Douglas Schmidt and why he’s grateful to have him.

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Where do I begin with Doug? I’ll tell you a little bit about Doug. I first encountered Doug as a human being when he showed me a baseball card he doesn’t even remember and was so passionate about the baseball card and the player and the value of it. I thought, “This is really a neat guy.” I then met him later where I was with a different firm, as was Doug, acting as a judge and an arbitrator. At the end of his presentation, I thought, “This is one of the finest lawyers I’ve ever seen.” When I had the opportunity to go with him and be a business partner with him, not only did I learn that he truly is a fine lawyer, but where it came from. It came from – as he’s discussed, himself, it came from being a good human being and a good listening. It came from knowledge of the law and years of experience, and it came from passion. And truly those three things together I think make Doug Schmidt one of the finest lawyers, not in the state but in the country.