Dean Salita shares what's the most rewarding part of practicing law

Minneapolis workers’ compensation attorney, Dean Salita, shares why he enjoys being a lawyer.

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That’s actually an easy question. The most rewarding aspect of being a lawyer to me is not the monetary reward, not the going in the office. It’s not even dealing with the staff. It’s the end result of when you help somebody through a situation that they don’t have a complete understanding of, they’ve struggled with; they’ve relied on your skill and expertise, and frankly, your humanity.

And what I do, my most important thing, I’ve gotten awards. I’ve gotten verdicts. I’ve had a lot of recognition, which I’m very appreciative of my peer and other lawyers and judges. My favorite thing I do is I have a stack about that thick, over the 25, almost, years of thank yous from my client – thank yous in letters, thank yous in hand-written notes – about how much I’ve helped and changed their life, and that means the world to me.