What is your unique legal philosophy that you bring to clients?

Minneapolis workers’ compensation attorney, Dean Salita, explains how he approaches cases and why he is unique amongst workers’ comp lawyers.

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My unique legal philosophy. That’s a good question. I don’t know if I can call it a philosophy, but I like talking to people. I think each client is their own person. You can’t lump clients into, “I have asbestos clients” or, “I have car collision clients.” Each person has their own story. Each person comes with a different educational background, they come with different family background, they come from different cultural backgrounds. And that’s how they come to it when they walk through the doors to me. And I really try to appreciate and understand and listen and talk to them. And I like people. I have clients that call me back after years just to say hi because when you get to know somebody and you make a connection with ’em, you feel like they’re a part of your life. I always tell people, “I’m gonna be in and out of your life hopefully just for this claim.” And I’ve had a few people come back and say, “You really made a difference in my life and I just wanted to say hi and thank you.” And that’s what my philosophy is. If I can come back to them and let them feel like I’ve made a difference in their life just by helping them steward or guide them through their troubled time, that’s what I went to law school for.