What are the current trends in workers’ compensation cases?

Minneapolis workers’ compensation attorney, Dean Salita, talks about various trends he sees lately in workers’ compensation cases.

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Well a lot of the work that I do is asbestos, mesothelioma, and cancer litigation, and one thing that’s come up recently, along with the poor individuals who are still having asbestos and cancer, is there’s been a myriad of litigation across the country about talc, baby powder, and how women were using this for hygiene and just over the years how baby powder and talc has asbestos in it. There’s asbestos – which I won’t get into too much – that came from different areas, and people could’ve been exposed to this as well. There’s a lot of litigation across the country right now about baby powder, and there have been some very large verdicts dealing with baby powder and talc. I’m also seeing – just general, it’s very sad. General – a lot of hard-working people coming down with cancers from exposure to many different things – chemicals in the workplace, asbestos still in the workplace. You’d think some of this stuff would be gone, and we would’ve learned and employers would’ve learned, but it’s still out there. And many people have cancers that they don’t even know are work-related, and they’re very unique cancers. That’s why I always tell people it’s important if their relative or loved one comes down with some type of cancer to give us a call, ‘cause there may be a work connection.