Can I cash my disability rating or permanent partial disability check?

Minneapolis workers’ compensation attorney, Dean Salita, discusses disability rating and permanent partial disability checks.

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Yes. And this lends itself to an important topic. If a claim is admitted and the doctor gives a rating like we talked about, not pain and suffering, but for loss of function, there is a grid or a system that that falls into. It’s the Permanent Partial Disability Schedule. And so that equates to a certain number, and the employee will get a check for that. And that check is not a settlement. It is not a full settlement of the claim. Generally, that check can just be cashed because it’s something the employee’s due in owing. In Workers’ Compensation, a case cannot be settled or closed out unless there’s paperwork drawn called a Stipulation for Settlement. And that Stipulation for Settlement goes to a Work Comp judge, and the Work Comp judge approves it.

So if an individual gets a check for that Permanent Partial Disability, that is theirs, and that is for their loss of function. Now, that being said, the rating may not be correct. There’d be more of a rating there, there may be an additional rating. So that may not be the end of it either.