How do important issues in the transportation industry affect the rest of your client base?

Minneapolis, MN Transportation Law Attorney, Jason Engkjer, discusses important issues in the transportation industry and how it has affected his client base.

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I have I guess a unique practice area, and it’s transportation law. And something that a lot of clients don’t understand, when I talk about clients, different industries don’t understand is how transportation law actually affects their business, whether you’re a large grocer, for example, or a retailer. Or the transportation companies, of course, that we represent.

Many of the issues that face our transportation clients are the same issues that face our other industry clients as well. Again, whether it’s in retail or manufacturing or whatever it might be. So the transactional issues and contract issues certainly can be the same. Employment issues are always a hot-button topic, of course.

And then transportation law has a unique – is unique in that there is a regulatory component to it as well. And that is different from other practice areas. We have to deal with the Department of Transportations, both state and federal. We have to deal with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. We have to handle those regulatory and those administrative issues for clients as well.

So it’s interesting because we are able to service a number of different clients and actually gain a number of clients after we tell them and explain to them just how important transportation is to their business, whether, again, they are a non-transportation-related company or they actually is – or they are in the transportation industry.