What are the types of trademarks?

Minneapolis trademark attorney Jennifer Debrow discusses the different varieties of trademarks.

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There are all different types of trademarks. There are word marks, design marks, there are combinations of those, and even different types of trade dress.

So a word mark, which can just be a plain word, like Microsoft or Nike or Adidas, but you also have design marks, acronyms like DQ, and then combination marks – Starbucks Coffee, which is the word and design, also slogans, “Just Do It,” “I’m Lovin’ It,” “Have It Your Way,” those are also trademarks, and then you also can have trade dress trademarks, so like the cone with the curl on top, the Dairy Queen, that actually signifies a particular source of ice cream, so that product design can be a trademark. And Adidas, the three-stripe design on their shoe is actually a protectable trademark, too, so nobody else can have that three-stripe design.