How can a company protect its trade secrets through the use of employee agreements?

Minneapolis trade secret protection attorney, Teresa Thompson, explains how companies can use employee agreements as a way to enhance trade secret security.

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Employee agreements are a great first place to start to protect confidential information, to protect against competition, and to protect against solicitation of customers and employees. But before you get that agreement in place you have to really think about who’s going to sign it? A lot of companies just have everybody sign the same agreement, and you really shouldn’t do that. You should have the executive sign an agreement that protects the information that they have access to or protects the customers that they have access to. And then you should have your lower-level people sign maybe a less-encompassing agreement that protects the information of the company. That way what you’re going to have is a narrowly-tailored agreement that addresses only the information that you really need to protect.

And when you’re doing that, you should think about the definitions of confidential information in those agreements and really tailor it to what your company does. What a lot of companies do is they just throw in the kitchen sink. They have everything in there. But what you want to do is focus on what your company does ad what you’re seeking to protect and limit your agreement to that. That’s gonna make it more enforceable down the line when I or some other lawyer has to go into court and enforce it for ya.