What is your experience in this area of law?

Minneapolis sports litigation attorney Brian Gudmundson reflects on his background in sports litigation.

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Well, I think our first sports law case was about 2009, and that was the NFL, Dryer v. NFL case, and that was a publicity rights class action on behalf of retired NFL players, and we have been pretty involved since then. We’ve gotten involved fairly heavily in the NFL concussion case; we represented over 400 players in that. Our firm has now been appointed lead council in the NHL concussion case and we represent a number of hockey players in that. We’ve been involved with the NCAA antitrust case, and we get questions a lot from players and people who want to know about various rights and things like that.

So from the time we got into that publicity rights case, there was just a couple of NFL – there was an NFL PA case just before that, but a lot of this stuff has bubbled up in that time. So we’ve been sort of in that sphere and able to take advantage of our experience and be involved in a lot of things since then, thankfully.