What are the common issues you see in your practice of “sports law”?

Minneapolis sports litigation attorney Brian Gudmundson discusses how former pro players and amateurs are now the focus of sports law instead of current professional athletes.

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Well, you know, I think sports law has changed a little bit in the last five to ten years in that traditional notions of sports law really focused on what active players were doing, whether they were active professional players or active amateur players, notions of, you know, what type of play is fair game, can you throw the ball at somebody’s head versus hitting them in the arm, that kind of stuff.

The most common big sports law cases of the last five to ten years focus on – a lot on former players, you know, the contractual rights, the publicity rights, the concussion rights, injuries that manifest after their playing career, and how contracts, how traditional notions of sports law apply to those people. So it’s sort of a new and developing area of law but that’s really sort of the binding aspect of a lot of it right now.