Describe what sets your criminal defense firm apart from others

Minneapolis criminal defense attorney Kevin Short discusses his law firm.

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What sets me apart from many people that are practicing criminal law that probably people should not hiring is my experience. I was 7 years as a state court prosecutor, and I outlined that experience for people, and I’m now 27 years in private practice as a criminal defense lawyer, and I can walk them through the cases I’ve tried and the results I’ve had, so – and how many cases I have tried and lost and won in federal court, how many cases I’ve tried and lost in state court, and let people know about that. And there are a lot of people practicing criminal law that don’t have reassuring answers, okay?

But even if you just compare me to some of the other great lawyers in town, I might be exactly the right lawyer for Defendant A because my experience is what he’s looking for and my philosophy is what he’s looking for, and our personalities mesh. Another lawyer might be the perfect lawyer, way better than me, for Defendant B. It’s a lot the same as some of the greatest NFL football coaches have gone from college to NFL and they fail. It’s not because they’re a terrible coach; it’s because they didn’t have the right chemistry for that case, and so it is really quite complicated, but the main thing that I think I have to offer is experience and success, and besides experience and success, we are looking for lawyers who are good people, who share our philosophy, and that, therefore, there will be a pretty good chance that the jury is going to like, trust, and be persuaded by this lawyer.