Meet Minneapolis Real Estate Attorney John Koneck

Watch real estate attorney John Koneck be introduced by some of Minnesota’s top attorneys before he discusses his experience in real estate law.

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John Koneck and I have been friends for almost my entire career. One of the very first cases that I had as a very young lawyer involved a pair of clients. John had one partner, I had the other. Through that process, I came to know and really, really like and respect John. He is an extraordinarily intellectual man.

Male 2: John Koneck is one of the best business lawyers I’ve ever encountered. He is managing partner at Fredrikson, and he has managed that front at being one of the preeminent law firms in the State of Minnesota and regionally and even nationally.

Male 3: One of the smartest guys I have ever met and funny. He’s just great, fun to be around.

Male 4: I know John by way of reputation. John Koneck has an excellent reputation as a real estate lawyer and commercial transactional lawyer. I believe he’s at Fredrikson and Byron. And I’ve had clients who have worked with him and I’ve handled cases for, and they all speak very highly of him.

Male 5: John has got lots and lots of skills, and I would not hesitate ever to recommend someone to him or refer a client to John because he’s got a personality that just is hard to beat.

John Koneck: I’ve been a real estate lawyer for about 34 years. I started out as a real estate transactional lawyer. But during the end of the Carter years and the beginning of the Regan years, interest rates went sky high, so there were lots of real estate disputes. Lots of disputes between borrowers, lenders, builders, contractors and owners and landlords and tenants because interest rates were high. And so I started doing some dispute work. And what I found is I enjoyed transactional work because I enjoyed the negotiating part of it, but I also enjoyed dispute work because I enjoyed the dispute part of that, resolving disputes.

And so over time my practice has developed completely as a transactional lawyer and completely as a dispute lawyer. I can handle complex real estate transactions, leases, purchase and sale agreements, financings, representing borrowers, sellers, landlords, tenants, owners, lenders, borrowers, lenders. But I can also handle disputes. Representing borrowers against lenders, lenders against borrowers, buyers against sellers, sellers against buyers. Landlords, tenants, same thing. And the ability to represent both sides I think is fairly unique in – to handle both sides of – both the transactional side and the dispute side I think is fairly unique in Minnesota and, in many respects, in the Upper Midwest and in the United States because lawyers tend to specialize on one side or the other.

In the good times, I will spend probably 70 percent of my time on the transactional side and 30 percent on the dispute side. In the bad times like the downturn that we had in 2008 and in some respects still continuing now, it will flip and it’ll be 70 percent on the dispute side and 30 percent on the transaction side.