What is the division of work in your practice between transactions and litigation?

Minneapolis real estate attorney John Koneck explains how he is both a transactional lawyer and a litigator.

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Most lawyers focus on one side or the other. I have been fortunate in my practice to be able to do both. I, in the good times, will spend most of my time doing real estate transactions of any nature. Leases, purchase agreements, mortgages, financing transactions, things like that. But in the bad times like the downturn and even up until now since the downturn, I will focus on the dispute side. And that might be doing real estate workouts, it might be handling litigation that relates to real estate. And I have interests in both. On the transactional side, what – I like to win. And on the transactional side, what that means for my client is usually getting a deal closed. And on the – I like to win on the litigation side, and that usually means – or the workout side, and that usually means accomplishing a successful workout for my client or winning a lawsuit.