What is the most rewarding aspect of practicing railroad law?

Saint Paul railroad employee injury attorney William Jungbauer discusses why he enjoys being a lawyer.

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Not only do I care but the people work with care and my paralegals, my secretaries. We get to know our clients personally. Some lawyers have hundreds of files; I may have 20. And I get to know every one of my clients and their cases intimately and they become, really, family for us. And I know my clients many, many, many years after the cases are done. I get cards from them all the time. One time I got a card from a client from, he was a Hawaii and there’s a picture of a beach with some waves on it. And he writes me a little note saying, “Bill, thanks again. The checks keep rolling in just like the waves.” And it was kind of a neat little story that many years later he had one of these annuities that we had set up for him and he and his family were taken care of forever and that was nice.

So two things: I really enjoy the fact that I get to fight against giant corporations and we’re equal. And I know their stuff so well that I know everything they’ve ever done and I keep records on it forever. And if they’ve ever said something once under oath, I know it. But the best of all is as president of my company I can fight any battle I want to even if it’s one where I’m not going to make any money. If I think somebody’s really getting stepped on, I can go fight that battle and I sleep at night and I smile.

So the end of my day as I get older the real accomplishment it’s great settlements or great verdicts for people but it’s fighting the battles when no one thinks you can win. And I have the ability and right to do that and that’s what makes me feel good. And that’s how it should work in America. We’re all supposed to be equal and if you’ve got a good enough lawyer you can be equal with the giant corporation.