What should I do if a claims agent calls me and asks me to fill out papers?

Saint Paul railroad employee injury attorney William Jungbauer explains what to do when asked to fill out papers.

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The first thing that someone should do if they’re injured is try to talk to their own lawyer and that’s of course, after seeking medical attention. No claims person or person representing the railroad has any right to go into the emergency room with an injured individual or to talk to their doctors without their express consent. But once a person has obtained medical care, call your local chairman or go on the internet and find a lawyer that you want to work with before you fill out paperwork. Because the questions that are given to individuals either on accident reports or especially in a recorded interview, railroad workers or family members are not trained like claim agents and lawyers are as to how to play with words. And a statement that sounds innocent could be very misleading and could really damage a case.