How do I check out rumors or claims about other lawyers?

Saint Paul railroad employee injury attorney William Jungbauer discusses how to research lawyers.

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My attitude has always been when I’m talking to a client or a potential client is I don’t badmouth or spread rumors about other lawyers or their firms because even if a lawyer is bad, even if a lawyer has had bad results that doesn’t make me a better lawyer and it’s not a reason for choosing me. If a lawyer or an investigator for a lawyer or even a union person says, watch out for this person because of that or this lawyer because of such and such. Why are they saying that? The real question is who’s got the best credentials? But you can check out if someone says something bad about a lawyer that you’re considering hiring ask them if you can record it, tape record it or ask them to put it in writing. Because again, rumors and innuendo is only a scare tactic to try to force someone to do something that they wouldn’t normally do or logically do.