What is no-fault insurance?

Hopkins, MN personal injury attorney Stephanie Winter talks about having no-fault insurance in the state of Minnesota and exactly what it entails.

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So, Minnesota is one of the few states in the country where it’s a no-fault state. You hear that term sometimes and what that means is that in order to drive a car in the Minnesota you need to have, it’s called, Personal Injury Protection, also PIP, P-I-P. And if you have one car in your household you have $20,000.00 available to you in medical benefits, and $20,000.00 available to you in non-medical benefits. The non-medical benefits include wage loss, and also homemaker services. So a homemaker is if due to the result of the car accident you can’t do things around your house, like the cooking, and cleaning, and laundry, you can get compensated for that. So when you’re in a motor vehicle collision your insurance company actually is the one that starts paying your medical bills, your wage loss, and your homemaker up to $20,000.00. There’s a couple of rules if you have stacking coverage, so if you have multiple vehicles in the house you might have additional coverage, but that’s the basic claim and, yeah, it’s a wonderful thing to have.