What are the issues you typically see in motorcycle accident cases?


The biggest issue is the prejudice that still exists against motorcyclists. I’ve been riding motorcycles much to the chagrin of my father since I was 15. And then I switched over to flying airplanes and he was even more distressed by that. But I can tell you that even though today I’m an older rider there is a degree of resentment and prejudice to motorcyclists on a highway. And obviously, you’re totally exposed the injuries are almost always severe and serious, and there is the consideration of wearing a motorcycle helmet. And of course, there’s also the problem of the injuries being so serious as to disable the person from perhaps being able to testify about his or her version of the crash.
So motorcycle cases are very difficult in that regard and they too require a lot of investigation and a lot of luck to find out who the responsible parties are and what their insurance requirements are.