Why do I need a lawyer for my workers’ compensation claim?

Hopkins, MN personal injury attorney Joshua Laabs gives good reasons why someone should hire a lawyer for a workers’ compensation claim.

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Workers’ compensation in Minnesota is actually similar to a lot of different areas. If you don’t have experience in it, you don’t know what’s available. You don’t know what you’re entitled to. And a lot of times, individuals that get injured and have a workers’ compensation adjustor, they don’t know all the benefits that they’re entitled to. They might not know they’re entitled to mileage reimbursement, or, if they’re a surgical recommendation or a non-surgical recommendation, that they’re entitled to a second opinion. And a lot of times, they’re not given that information by the adjustor or in the workers’ compensation system. Now there’s a lot of information online, but that is entirely different in nature and dimension than having an attorney who knows the system, whose profession it is to guide people through that system, to hold their hand, to point out what’s available to them, and to sort of be able to see around the railroad tracks and what’s coming. So I think one of the biggest benefits to having a workers’ compensation lawyer in Minnesota is it’s contingency-only, so you don’t have to pay for an attorney, and we know what rights and what benefits you’re available – that are available to you. So I think that’s the primary reason that it’s helpful.