What is the team approach at Schmidt & Salita?

Hopkins, MN personal injury attorney Joshua Laabs talks about what happens when a client decides to work with Schmidt & Salita.

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Yeah, we have a team approach here, and that’s not code for, “We have a bunch of different people that answer the phone,” but we legitimately have a team approach to representing our clients, whether it’s a personal injury client, a wrongful death, a work injury client. We utilize each other’s resources, and we have a system set up where we really use each other to evaluate cases, to evaluate language, tactics, and utilize each other to do the best concert – meaning everybody kind of is working together as a chorus – method for representation. So you don’t get – if Josh is the primary quarterback representing you, you don’t just get Josh, you get Stephanie with 10 years of experience and Dean with 25 years of experience and Doug with over 40. And really we utilize a team approach to representing every and all of our clients, and it’s really something that’s fun to be a part of, and I think our clients see the return of that.