How does Social Security affect my workers’ compensation claim?

Hopkins, MN personal injury attorney Joshua Laabs discusses the logistics of social security workers’ compensation.

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Yeah, we represent a lot of people that, when they come to us, they’re already on Social Security disability, and they might be on Social Security retirement or Social Security disability. And understanding the interplay between what’s a federal compensation system of some sort and the Minnesota state compensation system, work comp, can be really helpful. If you’re already on Social Security, the amount and the eligibility of workers’ compensation benefits to which you’re entitled is a little bit of a web, and so the answer is it depends. If you’re on Social Security retirement and you get a work injury, the interplay between the amount of benefits that you get and what you’re getting under Social Security income depends upon the type of wage benefit in work comp you get. Similarly, with Social Security disability, it’s an interesting interplay. It gets even more complex when you have a catastrophic injury and you’re on Social Security. One of the biggest challenges and one of the things that we like to do is to sort of tell people the consequences, like a financial planner. Out into the future, what happens if I’m already on Social Security disability? Or what happens if I apply for Social Security disability either when you’re already in the workers’ compensation system or receiving those benefits? And the knowledge of the interplay between those two is one of the things that I think we are exceptional at.