Why do you enjoy representing clients in workers’ compensation and personal injury?

Hopkins, MN personal injury attorney Joshua Laabs talks about his enjoyment of representing the average person in a big case.

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I think certain people are suited to do certain things, and I know that the way I think about it is we practice in an industry where there’s sort of two sides of the aisle. There’s the groom’s side and the bride’s side, and people are sometimes cut to represent individuals or cut to represent corporations, and I think that I’ve always had a leaning towards helping the underdog, the individuals, and things like that, so I would much rather all of the time, any time, represent individuals over and against companies, insurance companies, business companies. I think workers’ compensation and personal injury cases – one of those situations where people with specific injuries that they need help with or are looking for recoveries for – are really up against a very sophisticated other side of the aisle that use data, that use diagnostic codes to analyze and evaluate their case, and there’s really a huge different in information basis between an employer in work comp or a defendant insurance company in personal injury and a run-of-the-mill people, like my mom or my brother or my neighbor. And so I like helping my family, my neighbor more than I like helping business company A or business company B.