How do I go about making a workers’ compensation claim?

Hopkins, MN personal injury attorney Joshua Laabs talks about what happens when someone files a workers’ compensation claim.

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So a run-of-the-mill workers’ compensation claim, most of the time the injured worker’s obligation ends when they tell the employer, “Hey, I hurt myself at work,” and then really the responsibility is on you to make sure you’re getting medical treatment. I always tell people, “Don’t trust what your employer thinks you should get for medical treatment. Trust what you think you should get for medical treatment.” But in terms of making a claim, really your obligation ends at telling them that. Occasionally, we get cases where there’s an unsophisticated employer or maybe a not nice employer that doesn’t forward it on, so that way the injured worker gets their claim information, gets a claim number, knows who their insurance company is, and gets an adjustor assigned to the claimed. If you’re having any of those difficulties, you should not be, and that’s one of the reasons that you might wanna reach out and seek the advice of an attorney. Really the only obligation injured workers have in Minnesota is to report their claim, and their employer and the insurer for that employer then takes the responsibility, inform that injured worker of their claim numbers, and then you go through that process of seeking medical treatment. If you have wage loss, making sure your employer and the insurance company know about it. But if you ever run into any problems with that reporting process, it’s always beneficial to seek the advice of an attorney, even if you don’t hire that attorney.