What is your education and work experience?

Hopkins, MN personal injury attorney Joshua Laabs talks about his work experience and background.

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So I’m originally from Minnesota, northern Minnesota actually, a small town, Detroit Lakes. I grew up there. My folks still live there. I went to college in northern Minnesota, Concordia College, a liberal arts college. And then I went out to Montana, did school out there, a little grad school out there before I came back. And when I came back, I decided to go to law school. And really, at that time, I decided that I wanted to help individuals with disabilities, not even specifically for their injuries, but just navigating work, school, that aspect, and that’s one of the reasons that I ended up getting into this area, which is personal injury, workers’ compensation, individuals that have injuries or need accommodations and things like that. So that’s what sort of first got me into this area of the law.