What’s your experience in handling traumatic brain injury (TBI) cases?

Minnesota personal injury attorney James Heuer talks about his experience in handling traumatic brain injury cases.

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Traumatic brain injury is something that has been getting a lot of publicity the last several years everything from the NFL to movies that talk about it and people are finally acknowledging that a concussion is a brain injury. And I remember playing college football and a concussion was well, shake it off and go back out there. And now they’re taking various protocols so they’re taking these injuries seriously.

We’ve represented numerous people with brain injuries and it’s a life-changing situation whether it be a mild traumatic brain injury, which allows you to do many of your functions all the way to the level of a _____ brain injury where you’re basically on a ventilator.
I actually had one of our clients. Amy Zellmer wrote a book living with a traumatic brain injury and we’ve started giving this out to all of our clients that come in and I’ve bought lots of these books. And the reason being is that Amy slipped and fell on the ice and sustained a significant head injury, a brain injury and she started blogging and someone said boy, you should turn that blog into a book. And so Amy has taken that book or taken the blog, turned it into a book and has speaking, been to Washington, DC sharing this. And you get people to come in with their loved one and to look in their eyes and see when you talk about he symptoms of a traumatic brain injury and you see them sit up in the chair and the loved one is kind of going wow, I’ve seen that I thought she was just being this or I though he was being that.

So yeah, a traumatic brain injury is a difficult thing and we’ve handled lots of those case and actually we’re seeing more of them. And I think it’s probably more of an awareness situation that people are aware of it but most people do survive the brain injuries and you need a law firm that’s like Heuer Fischer that deals with those kind of cases so that we can get you through that and get you back to recovery.
I had one and I thought I wasn’t going to be able to practice law and here I am now so I mean you can recover from them with treatment and the doctors are aware of what to do now so it makes a big difference to have somebody help you that knows what’s going on.