Tell us about your past work or educational experience and how that helped prepare you for your current work.

Minnesota personal injury attorney James Heuer talks about his early days as a student and professional and how it led him to where he is now.

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I went to the University of Minnesota and from there I went to the Hamline Law School. While I was in Hamline Law School I got a job as a law clerk and it turned out to be something really beneficial to my career because it was a small law firm and the owner of the law firm his father owned several insurance companies. So I was given the opportunity to be a law clerk and a claims adjustor so I learned the insurance game from both sides. And whether they want to call it a game or the insurance industry from both sides.

So that was very helpful now because when we’re dealing with claims we know what’s going on the other side and what the adjustors need to do their jobs. Because I remember my boss at a time telling me, he said you’ve got the greatest job in the world you give money out every day but you only give it to the people that need it and you only give them the right amount.

And so what we found over the last 40 years is that insurance companies really don’t like to give out the money and they’ll do everything they can to give out as little as possible. So our job as the lawyers is to change that mindset and get our clients their fair compensation.