Tell us about the firm - what services do you offer?

Minnesota personal injury attorney James Heuer talks about the various services his firm offers and what he can do for you as a personal injury lawyer.

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Well the law firm of Heuer Fischer is a firm that’s dedicated to helping people that have been injured and getting them through the trials and tribulations that occur when somebody hurts you and it’s not your fault. We do help people whether it’s their fault or not but the majority of our cases come from mostly auto accidents. We have some dog bite cases, slip and fall cases things that where people get hurt because somebody else was negligent.

And so I’ve assembled a team her of John Fischer who is my partner in this operation as a lawyer and then I have a great support team so everybody on my team has a specific thing that they are expert at whether it be the no fault processing for the bills, the arbitration process, the litigation, the settlement demand. But everyone can answer your question because we have a case management system that we don’t rely on a lot of paper and so if you call me up with a question and I’m busy then it’s possible that Christy could pick the phone up and answer the question or John could or Stephanie. So anybody’s there to help and that’s one of the things that I like about the size of our law firm is that we’re here to answer your phone calls. I like to think I’m very accessible my cell phone number is on my business card; my cell phone number is on my voicemail answering.

And so, I try and return phone calls and that’s I think I’m known for is that – in fact, the funny story was we do a little bit of criminal law and back in the yellow pages era there was a yellow pages outside of the jail down in Hardeman County. And one day I was waiting for somebody to get out and I happened oh, let’s see what our yellow pages look like. Somebody had written in there and I swear it wasn’t me, said returns phone calls. And that’s kind of been our model is that we’re here to help and it doesn’t do any good if you just go to voicemail and you don’t get your e-mail answered. So we use technology, we communicate with clients whether it be text, cell phone, e-mail, visits. I mean we go to the hospital if we need to, we go their homes, meet on Saturdays. I mean it’s a service driven firm that’s what Heuer Fischer is I mean we’re here to help.