What are the special challenges in handling TBI cases?

Minnesota personal injury attorney James Heuer talks about the challenges in handling TBI cases.

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One thing about working with an individual that’s got a brain injury, they look normal. I mean that’s probably the biggest problem and the same thing with even a TBI it’s a good place to talk about a soft tissue neck injury, okay. You know, individuals look normal. It’s very easy to say hey, you know, Bill, when you get that cast off your arm now you can use that hand. But when you look in the mirror and you say well, I look I did yesterday and then all of a sudden your neck hurts or you’re not processing and you’re stumbling for words or you can’t remember where you put your keys even though they were in the shoes to remind you bring the shoes. I mean those kind of things happen every day.

But when you have a traumatic brain injury you have to alter the way, I mean Post-It notes, I mean and that’s thing about Amy Zellmer’s book is she kind of tells people what she did. And so, we as lawyers have to be patient with individuals that call and ask the same question over and over again not realizing they’ve already asked that question. So it’s something for the family and the law firm to work together so that they tell the doctors ’cause a lot of times and this is where I always encourage people to have a significant other go to the doctor appointment to tell the doctor what really happened. Because frequently people with head injuries and I don’t say this to be joking but they forget and they don’t tell about the thing that’s going on and it’s important for the doctors to understand. And that’s why it’s always good for a family member to go to the initial consult to share what’s really going on.