I slipped on a piece of fruit in a grocery store and severely injured my back. Is the store liable for my injuries?

Minnesota personal injury attorney James Heuer talks about what happens if you slip on a piece of fruit in a grocery store and injure your back and whether or not the store is liable for the injury.

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The answer is maybe. And so what happens in that situation is that if the fruit had been laying and the banana peel has turned black because it’s been there so long versus one that was just dropped by a consumer going on to the next aisle. It comes down to notice and that’s why you should have a lawyer to investigate and determine your unique fact situation. And probably that’s a great place to mention that everybody’s case is different and just because you have a friend that allegedly got so much money for not being hurt your case is not their case. And that case probably doesn’t have the same insurance company doesn’t have the same fact basis so you really need to consult with a lawyer that knows what’s going on in the personal injury world in Minnesota to find out if in fact, you have a care.

And like I said, we handle these cases on a contingency fee so we answer the phone and if we think we got a case we’ll let you know and if we don’t, we’ll tell you too and you can get another lawyers opinion if you want but we’re happy to do that.