Relationship with Clients

Minnesota personal injury attorney James Heuer talks about how he gets along with his clients and why they prefer him over any other lawyer in the field.

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One of my friend, clients said, “Jim, I want you to marry us.” And so I got my ministry license so I could do that. And the father of Jarnell came in and said, “You know, I’ve met this wonderful woman and we want to get marry and we’d like you to be the officiant.” And so I said, “Oh, okay.” And so we go in and we go through the wedding and marry them and it came time for the officiant to say something and I went, you know, normally people come to me and tell me that they’re having a bad day. They’re not people don’t pick up the phone and call a personal lawyer and say hey, how you doing today? No, they call and tell me that something dramatic has happened in their life and that’s how I met Darnell was because the loss of his Jarnell. So now, we flash forward up to just a couple years ago and I’m standing in front of these people.

And it was very emotional to say that you know what, it was very exciting for me to watch this family come full circle and know that we made a difference by settling this case and making a change in the law at a federal and state level. And then, to be able to bring these two together, legally marry them, and now they’ve got a baby. And so for me that was just extremely rewarding and it’s kind of like I get to know my clients and one of the things that I do is I try and sign up every client so that I personally know who they are. We don’t use investigators to go out and sign people up our practice is personal. Its personal injury, its personal service that we give, and we’re going to meet with you and you’re going to get me and you’re going to get my team that’s going to help you get you through this difficult time.