How should one go about hiring a lawyer — What traits and experience should one look for?

Minnesota personal injury attorney James Heuer talks about what makes a good lawyer.

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In my career, I worked as a claims adjustor and as a claims adjustor I was trained to find a way to pay as little as possible on a claim. And now if you look at the insurance industry today everyone on TV that advertises tells you this one will save you 15 percent and this ones got a catchy jingle and they don’t really tell you about what your insurance coverage should be they just say they can save you money. Well in order to save you money they can’t pay out as much in claims if they can avoid it. Now they’re legally obligated to pay claims and I’m not saying the carriers won’t pay what they’re legally obligated to pay but that’s an education process.

And so if you go up against the gecko or you go up against Farmer’s and their institution of insurance you’re just one individual and if you don’t know your away around they’re going to take advantage of you. We’ve had insurance companies offer unrepresented people $1,000.00 right after the accident. Well, you’re going to get no fault coverage so here we’ll give you a thousand extra would you like that? And then they come to us six months later after they’ve signed a release unrepresented and they say oh, by the way, you’ve given up all your claims for future pain and suffering, you’ve given up all your claims for future wage loss, you’ve had this surgery so sorry, you signed a release. And that’s something that if you got a good lawyer that won’t’ happen. You won’t sign a release until you get what you’re entitled too.