How much will it cost me to pursue a claim?

Minnesota personal injury attorney James Heuer talks about the cost in pursuing a claim for an automobile accident.

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We take on all our cases on a contingency fee, which means you only have to pay us if you win. And winning means making a settlement it could be a jury verdict, it could be an arbitration award. So you’re going to pay us a third of what we recover for you. So if we get you $10,000.00 you’re going to us $3,333.00 plain and simple.

Now the thing that’s a little different is each case is different in the sense that one person may see five doctors and one person may see one doctor so the cost of medical bills, for example, is one thing that really can drive down what your net recovery is. But that being said, we’ve gone to a system now where there’s a lot more medical providers that will get you your records online, for example. So we try and work with the clients and say look, we’re going to pay this expense and you’ll have to reimburse us when we settle your case. But wow, if you can save yourself four or five hundred dollars do you want to get your own medical records.

And by and large, most people will say well, we’d rather ____ that out. So I mean you can maximize the recovery and I mentioned earlier that we try and work as a team with a client not just within Heuer Fischer but within the client so what can we do to help you. And I like to tell the clients look, your job is to get better our job is to worry and handle the bills and do all those thing that you didn’t want to have to do when you got up this morning and somebody ran into you.