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While I was in Hamline Law School I got a job as a law clerk and it turned out to be something very beneficial to my career because it was a small law firm and the owner of the law firm his father owned several insurance companies. So I was given the opportunity to be a law clerk and a claims adjustor so I learned the insurance game from both sides and whether you want to call it a game or the insurance industry from both sides.

So that was very helpful now because when we’re dealing with claims we know what’s going on on the other side and what the adjustor needs to do their jobs. And so what we found over the last 40 years is that insurance companies really don’t like to give out the money and they’ll do everything they can to give out as little as possible so our job as the lawyers is to change that mindset and get our clients their fair compensation.

We actually ended up taking the case out of the Minnesota courts all the way out to Massachusetts so we could get the best result for our client. And it resulted in a structured settlement for the family and probably most notably was at that time, there was not laws against the lead content in children’s jewelry. And since that time the consumer protection, there’s been statutes passed state and local and federal that prohibit high content of lead because lead poisoning is a very gruesome way to die and Jarnall died a very gruesome death because of corporate negligence.

One of the things that I do is that I try and sign up every client so that I personally know who they are. We don’t use investigators to go out and sign people up. Our practice is personal. Its personal injury, its personal service that we give and we’re going to meet with you and you’re going to get me and you’re going to get my team that’s going to help you get you through this difficult time.