What makes your firm different from other law firms?

Minnesota personal injury attorney James Heuer talks about why his law firm stands out among others in the field.

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Well Heuer Fischer is a little unlike many of the personal injury law firms in town that we don’t advertise. We’re not on a billboard, we’re not on TV, we’re not on the radio. We have a website and we like to use our website as our calling card because our clients come to us because someone else said Heuer the lawyer and he and his staff at Heuer Fischer will take care of you. There’s no mailer that you’re going to talk in, you’ve been in an accident and you get 10 letters from lawyers and chiropractors and body shops saying come help us. You’re going to say to your friend gosh, I was coming home last night and we got creamed. Well, you should call the Heuer the lawyer. And that’s something I’ve lived with all these years as my name and it’s actually in looking back at it, it kind of simplifies that I’m Heuer and I’m the lawyer and my office and my team at Heuer Fischer is going to take care of your problem caused by somebody else. And being referral based we know virtually every client that comes here their lineage. They know they were referred from Tom who was referred from Jane and as a result of that, when you know everybody you know they know you’re there to help them. And that’s what I like to feel that at the end of the year, you know some cases we’re able to settle right away, some cases take years but at the end of the year we’ve helped a lot of people get to a better place than when they’ve called us.