What made you decide to become a lawyer?

Minnesota personal injury attorney James Heuer talks about why he got into law.

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So what happened was when I went to college I like many other college students didn’t know what I want to do and I started out with engineering because my dad was an engineer and then I moved to business and I moved around and then I ended up in sociology. And I was dating a girl at the time and she was thinking I was going to be a hippie and what would I ever amount to? And one of my friends said, “Hey, Jim, you should be a lawyer.” And so I announced to my girlfriend I’m going to be a lawyer and we dated for another six more months.

But once that got done and I said okay, now I said well, let’s go to law school that would be a good thing to do. And so I got into law school and because I had experience in the insurance industry, when I started my own practice I actually worked out of my home in St. Paul and I took anything that came in the door as a young lawyer would. And one day my sister and I realized, you know she was my paralegal at the time and we said you know, what you do best is take the money from insurance companies for injured people and why don’t you focus on that? And so at that point, that was kind of my Heuer lawyer moment of let’s just go forward and just do insurance, you know personal injury cases and now it’s 40 years later.