lf l’ve been injured by a product, what’s steps should I take to help my attorney in seeking compensation for me?

Minnesota personal injury attorney James Heuer talks about how to get compensation if injured by a product and how to work with your lawyer in doing so.

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Well, if you think that some product has injured you the first thing you want to do is save the product. The second thing you want to do is find the box that it came in if it’s something like that. A lot of the product liability things you hear about now re I got a hip replacement and it was the wrong size or I got a knee replacement it was the wrong size. You know, obviously, there’s not a box so that’s where you would need to get your medical records. And be able to get the medical records because in the medical records they will say that you got this hip part with the serial number 12345 and then the companies know that well, everything starting with one was okay but any serial number stating with two we recalled that. So there’s a lot of that that goes on and so you really want to gather any information that proves your claim so that the lawyer can evaluate it. It’s then the lawyers obligation to prove the claim but if the clients don’t’ work with us to give us the tools that we need to represent them then you can’t go forward with the case.