I was injured in a collision with a semitrailer, not an automobile. Does this affect my case?

Minnesota personal injury attorney James Heuer describes the difference between being in a collision with a semitrailer as opposed to an automobile and how that affects your case.

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Under Minnesota no fault law, people often say well, I can’t wait for so and so’s insurance company to reimburse my company for what they loss and for what my bills were. And I go well, it doesn’t work that way you had $20,000.00 of bills and your insurance company has paid that and that’s just the way it is. And they go that just doesn’t seem fair. And I said well, it wasn’t the trial lawyers, it wasn’t the lawyers that helped the injured that came up with this idea it was the insurance companies. And so that’s the system that they have in place. But here’s two exceptions to that. The first one is if you get hit by a truck with a weight of over 4,000 pounds and then their insurance company, so the truck’s insurance has to reimburse your insurance company. And the second one, which is a little less frequent is if you get injured out of state and you’re in Minnesota no fault policy they’re entitle to go after the at fault driver because the out of state driver is not part of the pool that’s paying into no fault insurance here in Minnesota.