My child wandered into the neighbor’s yard and was attacked by their dog. Can we recover?

Minnesota personal injury attorney James Heuer talks about how you can recover if your child wandered into a neighbor’s yard and was attacked by a dog.

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Minnesota has passed a strict liability law, which means that in Minnesota that if you own a dog you’re strictly responsible for any damages caused by that dog unless the person who was attacked by the dog provokes the attack. And that’s the question that the insurance company is going to look at and see can they prove that the injured person provoked the dog.

So in a scenario where a child wanders into someone else’s yard there’s lots of things that come into play here. Was there a fence with the gate left open? Was there no fence? Was there an invisible fence and so the dog was just running wild without a muzzle. There’s a lot of scenarios that go into effect and you just basically need to contact the lawyer and find out which scenario applies to you because typically I would say you have a claim but it may be tempered by other facts that just can’t be answered just on a gee, does my kid have a claim?