What if you can’t handle my case?

Minnesota personal injury attorney James Heuer talks about what to do if he is not right for a specific case.

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At Heuer Fischer, we’re referral based and so we get referrals from all sorts of people that think well maybe, if Jim can’t handle it, he’ll know somebody that can. And I’ve been doing this 40 years in October and of 2017 and so if I can’t, it’s not something that he handle I know somebody that can. And I will refer cases out to other lawyers that are better qualified in that area of law or like in my Reebok case I partnered up with one of the big law firms in town here and we went to Massachusetts. We won the case because they had an office in Massachusetts.

And so we’re going to do what’s best for the client. And I take cases over from other law firms where they might do criminal law really well, they might do family law really well and they see this personal injury come in and they think oh, I can handle that. And then two, three years go by and the client says why is my case not settled? In those kind of cases, I’ve seen the lawyers have taken on cases they just weren’t totally qualified to handle. And so those are the cases they should have referred out and I learned that lesson by seeing case that come in and said if I don’t understand it ‘m not going to take your case on and do a disservice to you because then you’re going to say well, why did you refer to Jim?

I mean the example I use if the case comes from the yellow pages or a TV ad well, they go so what, somebody else’s will call because we’re going to run the ad tomorrow. But if I burn a bridge with one of my referral sources that I truly value because they’ve become friends over the years and they said well, I’m giving you my friend to take care of because you took care of us that’s the Heuer Fischer model. We’re going to take care of you and if it means sending you to another law firm, we would do that.