I was attacked and robbed in a big box store parking lot. Can I recover for my injuries?

Minnesota personal injury attorney James Heuer talks about what happens if you are robbed in a big box store parking lot and whether or not you can receive damages for your injuries.

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Victims of crime in Minnesota are in a tough situation. Most criminals don’t have money and most insurance companies won’t write insurance coverage for criminals to assault someone. To answer your question, it’s a big fat maybe and it depends on where the person was injured. It depends on if here had been a problem in the neighborhood before, if the store was aware of security issues don’t post security guards, didn’t adequately light. I mean back in the day I remember having negligent security cases and these would take place in parking lots or buildings and if you now go into a parking lot typically, they are more well lit than the outdoors. And the insurance companies got the owners to realize you know you spend a little money on electricity and a lot less money on insurance if you light an area. So it’s less likely for people to get assaulted in bright-lit areas.