About Schmidt & Salita Law Team

Watch this brief introduction video to Schmidt & Salita Law Team featuring attorneys Douglas Schmidt and Dean Salita discussing what makes their law firm a premium option for clients in the area.

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You don’t have to go downtown for a great lawyer. Dean and I have both practiced downtown with distinguished firms. We provide downtown quality legal services that are not in a downtown area.

Being a lawyer and being a law firm is not just about giving legal advice and spitting out law and statutes. It’s about dealing with people and their lives and knowing who they are and I think our firm is very different on that accord than many other firms.

Dean is a people person like I have never known. He understands and appreciates people. He’s an example of what I consider to be a great lawyer and he’s a great partner. There are a few lawyers that I can go to for a second opinion that I respect and Dean is one of them. He’s a great lawyer, he’s a great people person, and I love him for that.

When I had the opportunity to go with him and be a business partner with him not only did I learn that he truly is a fine lawyer but where it came from. It came from, as he’s discussed himself, it came from being a good human being and a good listener. It came from knowledge of the law and years of experience and it came from passion. And truly, those three things together I think make Doug Schmidt one of the finest lawyers not in the state but in the country.