What benefits are available under Minnesota law for “primary homemakers”?

Hopkins, MN personal injury attorney, Douglas Schmidt talks about the various benefits under Minnesota law that are available for “primary homemakers.”

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The Schmidt Salita Law Firm is an absolute leader in getting primary homemaker replacement services. What is that? Minnesota is a one of its kind it’s the only state out of 50 that recognizes the value of a housewife or a homemaker and sometimes it’s a male, the services that they provide to the family. And the Minnesota no fault law provides that the injured person be compensated for the fair market value of the services that they are unable to do because of the injury. That might be cooking, cleaning, laundry, childcare, and we work very hard to collect those benefits.

We’ve had a number of cases that have been with another law firm, settled the case, and forgot the primary homemaker. And we’ve been able to come in and clean up after those cases. We work hard at it.