What types of inventions are patentable?

Minneapolis patent attorney Tim Grathwol explains which types of inventions are patentable.

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Basically, in the words of the Supreme Court, anything under the sun made by man. Now, under the patent law there are certain categories of inventions that are acceptable, and those include articles of manufacture, compositions of matter and processes. But that covers a lot of different types of inventions. Now, there’s a lot of current controversy over computer-related technologies; software; business methods; certain types of medical procedures; or things related to – inventions related to the human body, genetics. But in general, anything that is an applied technology can be sought for patenting. So, software, mechanical inventions, chemical inventions; just the material from which something is made, or a particular chemical compositions, as well as methods of doing different types of things, whether it’s making something or carrying out some sort of process.