What should a business person consider confidential information?

Minneapolis patent attorney Tim Grathwol discusses what sort of things a business person should consider confidential information.

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That can cover a wide variety of types of information. But for this topic, intellectual property, we’d be talking about anything that’s proprietary information to the company related to, for example, a product, or marketing efforts, in the case of trademarks or copyrights. Or, trade secrets; so, that could be something like a process of manufacturing something. Something that’s generally secret; that even if you sell a product, the end customer or the public doesn’t know how you made that product. Any kind of information related to that should be guarded closely, and there should be processes in place within the business to protect that information.

But you really want to err on the side of not disclosing that, or not allowing that to go outside the company. So, if you’re ever in doubt, you want to check before you disclose it. But certainly, nothing related to products that haven’t been released; any kind of technical information; really, any information at all about those products, whether it’s technical or marketing or manufacturing.