Why would somebody want to know the value of an IP asset (reasons for valuing intellectual property)?

Minneapolis intellectual property attorney Gary Speier explains why it’s important to know the value of an IP asset.

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Valuation of IP is part of prudent management of an intellectual property within an organization. It’s also part of valuation of a company for the purpose of mergers, acquisition, joint venture, or bankruptcy. You really want to know the value of a company based on it’s essential to know the value of the IP. It’s also useful for negotiations and transactions in selling and licensing the IP. And it could be required in situations of conflict such as court proceedings or alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, such as arbitration. And it could be required in financing through bank loans or venture capital. It could be required in assisting internal decision making. It could else be required for accounting and taxation purposes. Additionally, it could be required for marital dissolution cases and estate planning.