Talk about Gray Plant Mooty’s Nonprofit & Tax-Exempt Organizations Group

Minneapolis nonprofit attorney Sarah Duniway discusses her practice group at firm Gray Plant Mooty.

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So, our Nonprofit and Tax-Exempt Organizations Group, there are seven of us who specialize in working in this field almost exclusively, and then we bring in experts from almost every pocket of our firm who have expertise in other substantive areas of law, but who are familiar in working with our nonprofit clients. We are a full-service group. We meet every need of our nonprofit organization clients. We work in a very collaborative way and we’re real problem solvers. We like to figure out how to get to yes and guide our clients in that direction. There are times where you have to say no, and we will say no when we have to, but I think often we get to be creative problem solvers and that’s one of the really fun parts of the work that we get to do.