What are some types of class action lawsuits consumers can bring?

Minneapolis mass tort and complex litigation attorney Gordon Rudd discusses the different ways consumers can participate in class action lawsuits.

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Well, there are a number of class actions that can be brought in the consumer context; anything from issues with regard to overcharges, bank fees, mortgage fees, issues regarding labeling and perhaps misleading or deceptive information on packaging, whether it be food products or other merchandise that you buy from a retailer. And there can also be cases involving spam texts, which has become an emerging area of the law, where individuals who receive texts that were not solicited or not requested can bring claims to seek damages for having received those texts. It increases, obviously, the cost of your phone bill, but Congress has also taken a very firm stance to say that those types of practices have to be stopped and there are statutes that really provide a penalty for any companies that send texts that haven’t been requested by the consumer.