Tell us about the Hepatitis C case you’re working on?

Minneapolis mass tort and complex litigation attorney Gordon Rudd discusses how he is representing people infected with Hepatitis C in an outbreak that started at a nursing home facility.

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We’re representing about 45 individuals who were affected by one of the largest Hepatitis C outbreaks in the United States and it happened in a nursing home facility. And we’re in the middle of discovery and there’s a lot of confidential information that we can’t share, but what we know is there were 45 people up in the Minot, North Dakota area, all who have been infected with Hepatitis C. They all have the same genetically-linked strain of Hepatitis C and it’s really affecting their life. It’s an elderly population because they’re living in nursing homes and they need nursing care but they’re the most susceptible people. Elderly are very – the elderly people are very susceptible to having Hepatitis C advance more quickly than a person who is younger, and so we’re representing people to get damages and help receive compensation for what they’re going through at the later stages of their life when they shouldn’t have to worry about this added problem.