What experience do you have with defamation claims?

Minneapolis, MN investor advocacy attorney F. Chet Taylor talks about his experience with defamation claims.

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I’ve actually had a few interesting cases involving defamation claims. Twice I’ve represented stockbrokers against brokerage firms who had fired them. Both times, they were fired for supposed securities violations and both times, I was able to prove that in fact the broker did not engage in any kind of securities violation either time. And that the brokerage firms were essentially looking for excuses just to fire the person and they used the quote, unquote, violations as a pretext, so those were big cases.

But I have to say the biggest case I’ve been involved in is my own personal case where I sued a former client, a former employer for defamation. They had filed a filing with FINRA, which I believed to be misleading and false. And with the help of an attorney in town by the name of Kevin Hoffman, a very good friend that I would be remiss if I didn’t give him credit, he was my attorney and the two of us together brought a lawsuit against the company. It went to a jury trial and we had quite a significant victory after a one week jury trial.